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Bamberg (medieval: Mountain Baben, bambergisch: Bambaerch) is host to a university as well as an administrative town and important economic centre. The archbishop of the same name is also located here. The town is a member of the Metropolregion Nuremberg. Bamberg is the centre of more than 200 000 inhabitants and is known as the most important centre in the Frankish region of Bavaria. Close to Bamberg, there are the two cities, Wuerzburg and Nuremberg, that are worth a visit. The Old Town is home to the biggest preserved historical city centre in Germany and has been registered since 1993 as a world cultural heritage on the list of UNESCO. In addition, Bamberg is known nationally for its varied and independent beer tradition. For example, smoke beer is an interesting varietal that can be found in this region.

The Regnitz stream, which seperates the city in two, is accessible only by the two main bridges of town located by the old city hall. The Romanesque-Gothic imperial cathedral, with his four main steeples is a great sight not to miss on your trip to Bamberg. One can also visit the picturesque fishing houses of "small Venice" that are located in the older part of the city. There is also the construction of the new Residence building with its baroque imperial hall architecture. These of course are only four of countless places of interest in Bamberg. Discover these places of interest and many more and book an accommodation in Bamberg with your accommodation service Bamberg on

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Bamberg sightseeing

Old Town Hall
The old city hall in Bamberg is the landmark and symbolises the ruling border from former time between episcopal Bamberg and the middle-class city centre. It is built in the river Regnitz and is accessible only through the superior and lower bridge. Inside you can find the collection Ludwig, one of the biggest porcelain collections of Europe, which is issued to the museums by the city of Bamberg.
New Palace
The new residence is a listed building on the cathedral place. Today as a former seat of the Bamberger prince bishops, the complex from sandstone, accommodates the state library and the state gallery of Bamberg. From the rose garden of the new residence one can look at the Michael's church and the roofs of the civil town.
Old Palace
The old royal household is a historical complex of buildings, consisting of former residential buildings and economic buildings of the episcopal royal household. In front of the old royal household is the Castrum Mount Baben, it enclosed the residence of the bishop since the diocese's foundation in 100. The old royal household, which still shows rests of palace and chapel from the 11th century in its core was established between cathedral in the south and the new residence in the north. After the move of the prince bishop into a new palace the buildings were used as office, library and councelling room. Today the historical museum of the town and in the "hen's mountain wing" the cathedral construction hut is accommodated there. In summer the Calderon festival takes place in the inner courtyard.
Small Venice
Small Venice is the name of a former fishing settlement of Bamberg. It exists of a row of old dwelling houses from the 17th century which lie directly on the eastern shore of the Regnitz and forms the scenery for the "fishing jump-off" taking place in August with the so-called Sandkerwa, the biggest public festival of Bamberg. Two journalists stamped the name "small Venice" in the "manual for travellers on the moon".
Cathedral of Bamberg
The Bamberger cathedral Saint Peter and Saint Georg belongs to the German imperial cathedrals and dominates the townscape of the world cultural heritage Bamberg with his four pileworks. Inside are the famous Bamberger rider, the grave of the only canonised imperial pair of the Roman empire as well as the only pope's grave in Germany and to the north of the Alps.

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